Effective Data Driven Action

Begins with Measuring Customer Behaviour

Be Proactiv

Accurate, Easy to Install & Invisible.

With no line of sight required our phone detection device excludes staff members upon onboarding and configuration of each zone on a single site. Completely self sufficient, only needing a source of power it's internal 4G connection syncs with the cloud.
Designed and built in Australia over the last 5 years, our passive device works as a people counter providing Business Intelligence grade data via real-time dashboard measuring patrons in, passing, returning by venue and onsite zoning over time.
Compact & Wireless

Internal 4G & only needs power

Real-time Dashboard

Measure Key Performance Store Metrics

AUS Designed & Built

Powerful, practical from the ground up

Inside & Outside

Count shoppers in real-time.

Dwell Times

Measure how long instore.

Return Visits

Detect who coming back as a %.

Need More Power, Robust Reporting?

Secure Video Snapshots

Quickly & efficiently pull high resolution images from all stores without affecting bandwidth.

Kinetic Heat Maps

Importing your venue's floor plan allows for the reporting engine to create real time reports on traffic flow and layout.

Demographics & Merchandising

Identify gender, age and basic facial features whilst comparing directionality and activity by week, day or minute.

1. Where will the device be installed?

The device can be installed anywhere with a power source, but we recommend out of site and secure central to the mapped zones required across your venue.

2. Will the device use our Internet?

No, our device and cloud portal are all accessible through its own inbuilt 4g to transmit and receive data.

3. Can I access store's data and reports all online?

Yes, all data and reports are pushed to cloud portal for you to access anywhere at any time.

4. Is it able to distinguish my Staff?

Yes, staff devices are updated into the system during the configuration stage with their own unique ID ensuring its excluded from the reporting of the general public.

5. Is the reporting able to show me who walks pass?

Yes, at installation we calibrate the system to suit your floor plan and store frontage so it can identify incoming and outgoing traffic and pass by customers.

6. Are my Customer's information safe?

Yes, as the device does not capture, scan and or record personal data from the mobile phone – it instead picks up a series of digits associated to the device address and assigns an ID, so all customers are anonymous.

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