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Digital Signage Solutions

1. Where can my digital signage be mounted?

Technically anywhere, one of our Proactiv specialists will come to you and perform a site audit, identifying the location you are thinking or advise the best location to maximise the effectiveness of the screen.

The 3 main considerations are Power, Data, Structural Support.

We propose and can implement a solution to any of these elements if they are not present at your location.

2. How can it be used within my Business?

Digital signage is predominately used for tailored menu boards, showcased specials boards, local advertising, social media feeds, and videos; the possibilities are endless.

3. What type of content can I display on it?

Tailored presentations that include your products, specials, internal/external ads and even social feeds. You can supply your own or through our Creative Content Team can produce custom, effective and attractive content for you to display on your screens.

4. What happens to the Digital Signage when I'm closed?

Both your screens and content can be scheduled to turn off or play idle content, when you are closed or you feel there is no foot traffic after a certain time; with it turning back on when you reopen.

5. Am I able to control specific content to be played at a certain time?

Yes, all content campaigns can be scheduled at specified times and dates in order to optimise viewing during store peak times, activated social media advertising and seasonal trends.

6. What happens if my menu/ads change?

Don’t stress! All content can be updated remotely at any point in time, through our simple cloud portal straight from your laptop, tablet and even mobile phone.

7. What screen size would you recommend?

As accredited suppliers, we work with your requirements and budget. Our experience allows us to recommend the best performance and efficient hardware solutions to create anything from a grand LCD/LED video wall, built with multiple connected screens to single showcase displays for your window shopfront/internal walls.

8. Can I broadcast to multiple screens?

Yes you can! With our integrated Content Management System (CMS) you are able to manage/view/update all of your content across multiple screens active in your Digital Signage Network.

9. What is the average lifespan of a screen?

With a number of variables in consideration, e.g. Is it indoor, outdoor, direct sunlight exposure or covered, we take it upon ourselves to provide the best possible digital signage solution with an optimised life span tailored to you.

Additionally, the quality of screen purchased also influences it’s lifespan as not all screens are built exactly the same quality and intention for specific applications e.g. Consumer TV screens are not designed to be running 24/7, in direct sunlight and in a hot low ventilation environment. Whereas a Commercial grade screens are specifically designed to operate in these environments and providing a substantially longer lifespan.

Point of Sale (POS)

1. What happens if my internet drops out?

Not a problem. Our POS solutions are a hybrid of cloud and onsite server that advocates seamless uptime so that you will not experience any issues, lag, or loss of sales if your internet drops out.

As a result, you will be able to continue to trade as normal and once internet is restored all your sales data will be automatically synced back to the cloud.

2. Don't have time to setup?

Don’t worry, we take care of it. One of our Proactiv Specialists will complete all the on-boarding and staging process of your hardware and software so come launch day your system is ready to go and you and your staff and trained and capable.

3. Am I able to use my own equipment?

It depends, as with every consultation we conduct a site audit to understand your requirements and evaluate whether your hardware is compatible/reusable. We happily advise and tailor everything to suit the customer, including reducing unnecessary costs where we can.

4. We have a cash register, why do we need a POS ?

Today’s business demands more than just a device to take over the counter sales. It needs a centralised, digital and scalable POS solution that optimises a simple task of automatically calculating your daily sales, to managing your stock levels, staff rostering, customer loyalty programs back to your accounting software.

5. Can we have more than one terminal?

We currently have active locations with up to 50+ Devices in one site, managed by our cloud based Point of Sale (POS) solution. We have ensured only the best systems for businesses of all sizes, to withstand high volume and high demand environments.

6. Can it scale with my business overtime?

Of course, we tailor every solution to fit your needs. We do not believe in one size fits all.

7. How does it work across multiple sites?

We create a Head Quarters (HQ) account that allows you to manage all your locations from a single cloud portal anywhere/anytime, where you will be able to push menu updates, price changes, staff changes/rostering to all sites or individual sites with ease and in realtime.

8. Is it able to manage my inventory/stock?

Once you complete your initial stock take, our POS manages your stock levels in real time as they are sold with the ability to set minimums that will provide contextual notifications identifying when you are running low on particular stock items, even generating order forms so that you can send straight to your suppliers.

9. Can my online store be linked?

With your Proactiv Specialist, we assess your online stores platform and integrate with it so either your stock levels are adjusted and sales are recorded through online sales, or online orders and pushed straight to the POS to be made.

Venue Analytics

1. Where will the device be installed?

The device can be installed anywhere with a power source, but we recommend out of site and secure central to the mapped zones required across your venue.

2. Will the device use out Internet?

No, our device and cloud portal are all accessible through its own inbuilt 4g to transmit and receive data.

3. Can I access store's data and reports all online?

Yes, all data and reports are pushed to cloud portal for you to access anywhere at any time.

4. Is it able to distinguish my Staff?

Yes, staff devices are updated into the system during the configuration stage with their own unique ID ensuring its excluded from the reporting of the general public.

5. Is the reporting able to show me who walks pass?

Yes, at installation we calibrate the system to suit your floor plan and store frontage so it can identify incoming and outgoing traffic and pass by customers.

6. Are my Customer's information safe?

Yes, as the device does not capture, scan and or record personal data from the mobile phone – it instead picks up a series of digits associated to the device address and assigns an ID, so all customers are anonymous.

7. What happens if I require Facial Recognition?

Our system is scalable with an optional integration to connect IP cameras, that help detect and process Consumer demographics and characteristics of your customers E.g. age, gender, ethnicity, mood and more.

8. Are you able to create Customer journey reports?

Yes, we are able to track a customer’s entire path from entry to exit for every visit.

9. What is Heat mapping?

Heat mapping is a report that illustrates hot areas and hot paths of a Customer’s journey, path and dwell times consolidated over a set period of time.